Relaxation Techniques


During a recent coaching conversation, I discussed some relaxation techniques that could help my client deal with increased feelings of anxiety.

Relaxation is believed to be an important part of energy conservation. ​It can also help you to control your anxiety, improve the quality of your life and reduce pain and discomfort. Below are two relaxation techniques you can use to manage anxiety and help you relax.

(1) Grounding technique for when you feel anxious ​

Take a few slow breaths and ask yourself:

- What are five things I can see?

- What are four things I can feel?

- What are three things I can hear?

- What are two things that I can smell?

- What is one thing I can taste?

Think of these answers to yourself slowly, one sense at a time spending at least 10 seconds focusing on each sense.

(2) Picture yourself somewhere calm

Think of somewhere relaxing and peaceful. It could be a memory of somewhere you’ve been or a made up place.

Close your eyes, and think about the details of this place.

- What does it look like: What colours and shapes can you see? • Can you hear any sounds?

- Is it warm or cool?

- What does the ground feel like?

- Spend some time imagining each of these.